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boring updatey thing

so yeah, i applied to do a btec in graphic design and i went and had the interveiw and so on and so forth and i have a place, which i have to send a little slip thing through the post to accept the place, but i'm kinda finding myself having doubts, mostly cos i'm only just starting to get a nice amount of wage per month, enough to make me grin and think about allll the fun things i can buy... and if i go to college i have to change onto weekends at work, which sucks cos aside from the fact i'll be working every weekend, i will also only be doin 16 hours a week which is weak... i'd have to do overtime as much as possible to try and make up the rest of the monies or i wont even be able to afford to make my £100 loan payments each month...the only other option shitty work give is to just do 5 hour shifts from 6pm til 11pm 5 days a week, which is more money, but i cant get home from town at 11pm cos theres no buses that late to mine and my dad will not pick me up at 11pm every week for 10 months...also i would never see anyone, would be college, then 2 hours to myself, then work til 11pm, home for a sleep then same tomorrow... thats not really fun at all...

i'm in work now and i'm still hungover from last night out with ruby and company ^__^ it was fun, but i now feel bad and i am eating wotsits and i am here til 10 hoo...

i own you all!

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