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hmm strange ideas...

ok, so i'm thinkin i have to start drawing again, working on a new comic might be good for my retarded brain i think, and i have this stupid idea (mostly from too much anime and nintendogs)....okay here's the stupid thinkin of a comic with a shiba inu (the cutest little dog in the world) who can talk, and is also telekinetic but in a scary way like in akira...and he lives in an apartment in a big city with a tanuki with OCD who has to live as a human and works at some menial day job...

er i got that in my head yesterday when i was working lates. thats how much attention i need to pay in work. i can just think my slightly dumb thoughts to myself and nobody bothers me...

anyway i think it would be cute. i shall work on this tonight again whilst i am here in this fuckhole building til 11pm...
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