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Can i eat my apple, cos i feel sick...

college children are seriously distracting... i keep doing the stuff im meant to do but deciding to take it home and finish it cos i cant concentrate with this fucking idiot girl who i want to stab distracting me constantly, seriously, she walks around looking at everyone elses work and doesnt do anything except change her paper and start again every 10 minutes...and talk VERY loudly...

im mega stressed at the moment, we enrolled on wednesday, all the kids just having to hand a sheet in and then they get their card and can bugger off, all very easy, but i had to chuffing pay a £240 fee for the course...twats...since i had no money, not even enough to make an installment i used my credit card, which hurts my brain whenever i do cos i know i'm getting myself into worse and worse debt... the major problem is though, when i called the college initially months ago to ask what the fees would be, i was told cos i only work weekends it would be 200ish, but the full fee for someone working full time would be 1000 which was cool cos i was doin weekends...problem though is they have turned round and said that part time is anything LESS than 16 hours a week... and it appears now im working weekends and its not with kelly services like i used to work, i now get paid for my lunchhour so it would technically be 16 hours rather than 14...meaning they would expect me to pay a grand instead of im no mathematician but im pretty sure working 16 hours rather than 14 or 15 doesnt make me significantly richer, richer enough to pay another 800 quid... i mean, if i worked 15 and a half hours i would be expected to pay 200 but if i worked just half an hour more a week id have to pay 800 more than that!! its a really fucking stupid unfair stresses me out no end. i think they're gonna call my work and ask them how many hours i work, and then i really will be fucked cos they'll turn around and ask me to cough up the 800 pound i cant afford to give them... *sigh* the vein in my head is throbbing...

plus since i'd just handed over 200 quid 10 seconds before the picture was taken, i now have a student id card with a picture of me looking like someone just shot my mum...
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