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sooo children, again its been some time, but then not much happens to me these days...

went to chris's birthday night ut thingie where he didnt drink as per usual, and everyone else did... took a bunch of not so great photos that i cant pu on here cos my home computer has died there is noooo internet. so cant put em on here, which is also a shame as i have about 80 photos from the Mighty Boosh live that are reaaaaally coool and i wanna put them on the internet so i can go "lookit how close i was!!!!"

that was the best thing ever... but happily, and rather greedily, ruby has again bought us all tickets to go watch it again when they come back here in april! so... yeah am a bit obsessed with them at the moment, want to meeeeet them next time. want to snuggle Julian barrett!

i got a mug. it was good.
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