Champenstein's monster (chibi_champness) wrote,
Champenstein's monster

oh pooh on it

i dunno whats wrong with me lately, im not the happy bouncing clown i once was, just the last 2 weeks have seen me being totally down, moping, sighing, stressing out, and not being very affectionate towards john at all...

i dont even know why either, as we were happier than ever around our anniversary the other week and now we just look like some miserable married couple who are fed up of it all... ive lost interest in sex lately, and dont even want kisses and hugs much...he hasnt even done anything so i just feel really evil cos he doesnt deserve to be treated shitty.

am feeling really melancholic and wanna sleep all the time, am doing my usual *be happy in work and try and be jolly around hannah* stuff but its not easy to keep up, i dont like moping in work cos i usually am able to remain pretty normal in public even if i'm really unhappy about something...i'm the cold indifferent one, hannah is the emotional one, always been that way. hence why everyone thinks im heartless or mean to her all the time... really i just tell her the truth and only show one emotion when dealing with her situations lately, anger. its getting hard not freaking out in work now with all this odd emotional misery i suddenly have though, i just wanna sigh and bang my head against the computer screen.

going now to talk to more deaf people who accuse their doctors of killing thier husband a few years ago...

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