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back from bonnie wee scotland.

hey everybody!

im here woo and i have presents for all! well for some...just my closest and dearest really...

glasgow is a nice place, people are good, and polite, and there is the most awesome road that goes on forever and its filled with shops, bars and restaurants, its perfic! £1.25 for vodka and coke, thank you sir!

one thing that pissed me off though is they have buses where you need the exact change to get on and you put it in a little slot, theres no way to get change or anything cos the driver is behind a big bulletproof screen, which i find quite i forgot about that and then had to get on the bus with too little change on me, but he let me stay on cos im a stupid tourist.

food was good, cocktails were good, bars were good, shopping was good. atmosphere between us 3 not so good...

i dont really wanna go on holiday with roxanne again, she kept getting mad at me, im a moaner by nature, but she got really angry every time i sounded even slightly pessimistic! ech, well...

went to a cinema called Cineworld which was HUGE it had about 6 floors, with big escalators and they had real slush puppies!!! i was uber chuffed... we went to see chicken little which was totally adorable, and its dead cute cos they have these little booster seats that fit over the cinema seats for if your kids are small and cant see the screen, its sweet! ^__^

we went to a bagpipe museum, you wear a headset and when you turn to llook at different types of bagpipes, different music comes on in your ears, its like radio waves so it automatically changes when you spin around, as you can guess i spent 10 minutes turning round quickly to make the music go funny heee... we liked that place it was silly!

but now i'm back home and have to get to work in 5 minutes SHIT IT. laters.

peace out
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