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hawhaw i was asking for half of today off all week so i could go hang out with ruby and chris for a bit and the shite team leaders kept saying "no leave" and not even looking! but then MY team leader Jim came in today and got me my leave like THAT *snaps fingers* oh joy!... i wanted to be off earler but oh well getting off at 7pm is ok, at least i can go drinkies with them for a bit before i go home and collapse in my bed.

i just ate a thorntons chocolate that claimed to be in a collection of summer flavours... it had peach shnapps flavoured mousse in it... now i dont know about you but when i think of summer i think of bees and daisies. thats the flavour they should make if they want to be realistic! "a child with ice cream on its eyebrows" flavour, or "chlorine in your hair" flavour...i dont even SEE peaches in the summer let alone alcoholic ones. they have a very idealistic veiw of the british summertime i must say, they think its all fresh strawberries and champagne, when really to my memory its more like melted Zap lollies, uncomfortable sweaty armpits and being chased down the street by a wasp.

sorry about that i went into a bit of a rant about things being crap... i shall stop now for i am aware i am not...very...funny...

ta ra for now chuck.
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