Champenstein's monster (chibi_champness) wrote,
Champenstein's monster

creation!!! boo!

i started drawing my comic again yesterday! for the first time in ages i actually made an effort... its been completely changed apart from the main character,only cos i got so used to drawing him really, god i want to draw things and make money from it, its no fair really.

oh well.

so yeah, someone gimme some good names for some of the bully characters in it, theres a few boys and a few girls, they may be recurring at some point but this is the first ever one so i dunno, i havent put any proper words to the sketched few pages ive done so far, so gimme some names and i might use em...might not but it might give me something to think about!

sooo.... GO!
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or if your looking for a 'normal' name...


or as a 3rd option; baltimore (short for cobaltimore)
'Keith the Embalmer'
'Ken the boar-like fiend'