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For Those Of You Who Are Unaware Of My Job

"Good Day My Fine Fellow, Does One Have A Familiarity With The Workings Of A Little Known Service Named Type Talk?... Well It All Started In The Year Of Our Lord 1990...When A Man Name Mr T J Typetalk Developed A Machine Which, By Harnessing The Power Of The Dark Crystal, Makes It Possible For People With No Ability To Hear To Communicate With People All Over The Country...Of Course There Is Now A Device Called 'The Internet', Which Would Make This Whole Thing A Lot Quicker, If Only They Could Grasp The Concept It Would Save Me All This Effort And I Could Go Drink A Cup Of Tea and Have A Biscuit...But As We All Know, The Internet Is Only Available To The Royal Family And 3 Members Of The House Of Commons At The Moment, So Hopefully One Day Far In The Future They Will Develop A New More Affordable Source Of Power, Since At The Moment The Sheer Expense Of Using Said Internet Is Based On The Problem That It Runs On The Beatles, And There's Only Half Of Them Left Now....I'm Sure They'll Run Out Eventually And They'll Have To Move Onto Another Aged Rock Band... Maybe The Rolling Stones, Or Aerosmith... Meatloaf Could Probably Run It At A Much Faster Speed Too, Since At The Moment Download Speed Is About 1 Cilitbang Per 3 Seconds Spent On The Internet...Oh Sorry I Completely Forgot About The Deaf Person... I'll Forget My Own Pipe In A Moment... ok They're Just Starting To Type... OK... They Say...'Is Karl, Go Ahead'...."
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Did It Take You Long To Type All That Out With Capital Letters? (wow that was a trial!) and just exactly how bored were you? Hehehe. xx
hehe yeah, but i'm a typing demon now since ive done nothing but type non stop for 10 months... god i hate it here!

and yes i really was that bored :oP i'm leaving to go to college though hopefully, and i'll get a part time job somewhere proper not here...

its so rubbish here i frequently want to poke out my own eyes... also they took away the chocolate and crisps today... because we're getting new vending machines tomorrow, which is fine and everything but they've emptied them far too early! i'm a girl and theres nothing else to eat in this bloody building!!!

i may have to go to subway :( i dont think much of subway...

Oh my gosh, do they not understand the significance of women and chocolate?!?! I never used to eat a lot of chocolate in my old job, but since we've moved offices and there is a vending machine in the kitchen I am constantly craving it (my teeth hate me tho, and they keep rebelling)

I think it will do you the world of good to get yourself into a job that you actually enjoy!!

Vicky xx
Yeah... I was also going to query why on on earth you've written that with every word beginning with a capital letter?
Just friended you
(Oh, it's Joni incase you think I'm a scary stalking lady!)