Champenstein's monster (chibi_champness) wrote,
Champenstein's monster

i'm fed up... i hate this stupid job!!! i've asked for about 8 holidays off in total this month, odd days here and there where i wanted to do something else, or not have to work 3-11 shifts, and every single day i have asked for has been denied. one day i actually NEED off as i need to go to college on that day to do some retarded test things... they really dont give 2 shits about anyone in this place, unless you're 60 years old and have been working here since the place opened, then they bend over backwards for you and give you all the time off you want, dont care if you're late, and dont bitch at you and threaten you with warnings just for talking to people on calls and other ridiculous things that i get told off for on a daily basis...
hannah quit the other day, in a straight out "yeah, BYE" kinda way, just walked out... which is a bad idea, but at this very moment, having been threatened for being late twice because of shitty traffic, and having just had MORE holidays denied, i really am on the verge of a nervous breakdown in here... i think i might just scream... i can feel in in my chest, i want to just go up to the team leaders desk and scream "FUCK THIS STUPID CUNTING JOB IN ITS DIRTY WRINKLY ARSEHOLE! I FUCKING HATE EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU TWATS!!... AND I HATE HATE HATE DEAF PEOPLE!!!!"

i'm really unhappy...

BUT on a lighter note, ive been working on my comic, true its not going to be as stupid as i made out in that post the other day, but the characters are looking cute... dunno what the deal is gonna be with them, maybe i'll make them both deaf and fucking stupid.
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