Champenstein's monster (chibi_champness) wrote,
Champenstein's monster

okely dokely..

ok so ive been drawing more today (mostly cos im fooking bored) and i shall post a picture of the 2 main characters for the comic on here later when i get to johns and have access to a scanner!!! but yeah i will be posting to ask you nice people out there to give me a hand with naming them, im crap at that and i need other peoples input because im like some deranged machine who cant be imaginitive enough on its own...

but in the meantime i will put a link to this!


its jamie smart's latest project and its fuckin cool... im so buying tshirts on monday when i get paid... but mostly,. check out the pages for the different characters, they have a little comic each on there and they're dead good.. i especially recommend the angriest robot, and the one about the little doody its a bit silly, but all jamies stuff is!

i love him... he makes me feel vastly inferior and makes me want to scoop my eyes out... then eat them.

but also, heres something that happened on the phone the other day ....

me - "options... blah blah 1, blah blah 2, and blah blah "

deafie - " 3 ga"

me - "sorry theres nobody here to take your call please call again later" - call ends itself

deafie - "you wrong i say press 1 ga"

me - "no sorry you told me to press 3, thats why i pressed 3 ga"

deafie - "no you was bed ga"

me - "er what does that mean?? you said press 3 so i pressed 3. ga"

deafie - "dial again. ga"

me - "ok what option do you want me to choose when i redial? 1 or 3? ga"

deafie - "i already said press 2 ga"

me - "what? no you didnt, look what do you want me to press, you said 3, then said no press 1, now you are telling me to press 2! ga"

deafie - "i not argue you ok. just redial now. press 2 ga"

me - "fine!"

.... it turns out he was wrong. it was option 3 that he needed in the end. fucking retards all of them, i swear.

well thats enough. back to retardtalk. laters!
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