Champenstein's monster (chibi_champness) wrote,
Champenstein's monster

hmm you know, i think hardly anyone left in work now actually likes me...i mean, they'll talk to me if i'm there and they feel obliged to, but half the time they'd rather steal someone elses seat 2 seats away instead of sitting in an empty seat next to me...i know the ones who are like that all work together at weekends and nights and talk a lot online and stuff so they all like to sit with each other but i kinda get the impression they want me to go away...

i dunno maybe im being paranoid... i think its cos all the people i got on with in work have left or are about to leave...this place is going to be hell when i move onto weekends in september :o( i need to find a less shite place to work weekends at...

but noe thats said, okay this weekend has been rahter dull...nothing has happened much, me and john in bed having rudesex about the only thing thats been good...we were meant to have a bit of a big sad date on friday and eat and go see a movie, but when i went to get out my last 25 pound from the cash machine, it turned out 25 pounds had been debited from my account that day, for something i have no idea of since i havent bought anything for that much in at least a week or 2...but it left me with a balance of NIL...cunts. that left me unable to go anywhere and do things and i refused to let john pay for it, so we sat in doing nothing instead... then saturday john was comin to mine then to toddle to jonathons later on, but due to shitty buses he ended up comin kinda late, i debated whether or not to bother going, due to being completely poor and having to work today... but ruby tried to tempt me and i said id come for a bit, but then my dad insisted he wouldnt give me a lift cos he's "been for a meal and had a couple of drinks" my argument being that he drove home from the restaurant so he has no excuse but he made out that he couldnt cos stockbridge village is full of police and stuff... weak. so we went and waiting for a bus... and waited... and got a bit rained on... and waited. then i got a headache and said "lets just go fuckin home!" so we just went home and went to bed about half an hour after getting there. so that was another uneventful evening...

so all in all im sorry to the people for not coming out to play, it does sound like i missed some fun things, oh well :(
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