Champenstein's monster (chibi_champness) wrote,
Champenstein's monster

hmmm my brain is itchy

okay so i had this odd dream last night that i was walking down my street at 5am after a night out and ruby was sitting on the grass by the main road by my house, and i stopped and asked what she was doing, she said that there was a boy called "mitch" who always comes out at 5am and when he sees her he makes her a cup of tea without her even having to ask for we waited for him, and he came out of a house and walked towards us with his head down and just kept walking, so ruby shouted "wheres my cup of tea???" and he turned round and it was actually Jas Man from Babylon Zoo and he got all pissed off and said "you're so demanding! you women are always demanding things from me!! leave me alone god damn it!!" then he walked off crying and i chased after him cos ruby wanted to ask him out, but when i grabbed his shoulder he shot light out his ears so i left him alone...

well that was the middle of my dream, the rest made no sense even to me, but that was the oddest bit...
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