Champenstein's monster (chibi_champness) wrote,
Champenstein's monster

your mom goes to college..

god am fed up, college is cool and all but it sucks not being able to go on the internet as often.. and for some reason myspace is not letting me in!! it keeps saying im not signed up thats just effing ridiculous!!!

but yeah, some of the people on my course are for want of a better word "fuckholes", there is a girl who shouts things like "oh but i cant even draw..." and "whats crosshatching? dont ask me anything artistical cos i dont know what it means" ARTISTICAL??? how have they let you on a graphic design course you retard!!? i appear to be better than most of them though which makes me feel a lot better about being a few years older than them...

i went to the gallery today where i had to choose 1 painting i like and one i dislike and write down reasons why, which was fun... i wrote about that awesome painting of an empty hamster cage... and what i hate, i just found the most retarded ugly painting i could and wrote about that. it was bad. it was a big scruffy childlike painting of messy triangles in ugly colours and smudges. i hated it on sight.

im so glad not to be working in the stupid typeshite, i have to go on the weekend tho boooo but that wont be as bad cos its 2 days and im free again for another week....drawing is fun.

it appears the time i spent away from the internet has seen people having problems and im confused. i must text ruby in a moment to see if she is ok as i have no idea whats been going on....

everyone ok?? good...good...
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