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Sausages round the corner...

god DAMN it, i'm in the library and it won't let me look at myspace... everytime i log on that thing comes up sayin that there was an error with the internet explorer and it closes the damn window.

ok i know im a moaner, but you know, thats what i do. i moan therefore i am.

i wanna get married... i wish i had loads of money and a proper good job so i could get married...
i also wanna see my friends more, i cant even afford to meet roxanne for lunch after college :o( nothing makes me happy at the moment, i went to college to do something i actually wanted to do with my time instead of being at typetalk all day every day, and i just find myself miserable cos i still have to go back to the stupid deaf land at the weekend, leaving me with only 1 day to myself each week...
i think i should get my arse in gear and work on a comic again, one actually worthy of being published maybe one day...(by SLG hopefully) cos then everything would be sorted, i would have the job i allllways wanted! i'd also like to work on a cartoon, cos there are too many rubbish ones out there and i think i could come up with something less rubbish than Trollz, Ben 10 (with the power of TEN aliens!!!) or that chuffing Winx club thing...lots of poo concepts...

the comic i'm thinkin of doing at the moment is taking shape in my head, its quite cute ^___^ i just hope its cute enough when i find the time to put it down on paper!

must buy some more fineliners in preperation! not that i'll be able to do much in between college stuff...bloody essays on the pre-raphaelites... pfft....

i know you all hate me cos im boring and i moan a lot.
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